Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd is located in southwest of China,  Chongqing city. We are an integrated industry which are specializing in designing, manufacturing, selling and technical service of laboratory oven, such as high temperature oven, temperature and humidity chamber, thermostatic bath, etc.

Our New Test Chambers for Sale

As a 19 years professional supplier of laboratory oven, temperature and humidity chamber and thermostatic bath, we are able to produce lab ovens based on any of your temperature, humidity and size requirements.

In strict accordance with ISO9001:2015, Hoson could guarantee lower failure rate when customers use, especially hot-selling products like temperature and humidity chamber, high temperature oven, thermal shock chamber, and we have won reputation and trust of our customers over 19 years.

Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd, as a professional manufacturer that researches and develops environmental testing equipment with reliable technology was established in 2000.

Now we have around 80 employees and own 22691㎡factory of production space which is composed of sheet metal processing, coating, packing, inspection, package assembling lines, to produce various of laboratory oven and environmental chamber and selling all over the world.

With high stability and uniformity, our products apply to various industries, such as the electronics, semiconductor, photoelectric, communication, aviation, machinery, automobile, laboratory in colleges and universities, quality inspection institutions and many other fields.

Varieties of Laboratory Ovens for Sale

High Temperature Oven

Used for high temperature test and heat treatment process, like aging, drying, baking, curing, bonding, degassing treatment.

Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Used in accelerated damp heat tests and alternating temperature tests in order to evaluate the performance of the trial target under given environmental conditions.

Thermostatic Bath

Used in medical, chemical, physical, biological, electronic sectors for constant temperature tests, and provide a second temperature field.

Vacuum Oven

This chamber provides the appropriate temperature and low pressure environment for vacuum state thermal experiments.

Biochemical Iincubator

Used in medicine, agriculture, and environmental protection departments for cell and bacterial culture as well as water quality BOD.

Walk In test Chamber

Used to detect the tested products’ environmental adaptability, including heat, cold, resistance to dry and moisture, it can add artificial combined stress like light, rain, stream, snow, vibration, etc.

Constant Temperature Aging Chamber

Applies to the need for in-power temperature testing and aging inspection of semiconductor, LCD, electronic products, precision instruments, etc.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Mainly to sample three-box method standing temperature switching products, for the detection of failure caused by fatigue damage of components, parts and equipments.


Our New Test Chambers for Sale

Established in 2000, Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading company that specilizes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of standard and customied Laboratory Incubators, which comply with international GMP guidelines and ISO certification.

Dedicated Lab Ovens Supplier


As an ISO9001:2015 certificated factory, Chongqing Eternal pays more attention to quality of products like hot selling high temperature oven, temperature and humidity chamber and thermostatic bath, and become one of the most professional laboratory oven manufacturer among 19 years in China.

Smart control system ensures temperature/humidity accuracy of test space for laboratory oven, temperature and humidity chamber, and keep high accuracy in load and repeat test condition, at the same time, it can utilize power efficiently to save cost in use.


HOSON has carefully picked 2450 kinds of accessories from 7000 kinds of accessory samples, each of them guarantees perfect work of high temperature oven, temperature and humidity chamber, thermal shock chamber and so on.

We also configure international advanced parts, such as France TECUMSEH and Germany BITZER/COPELAND compressor, Germany DANFOSS refrigeration accessories, Japan UNIQUE color touch screen controller, America SPORLAN valve parts, Swiss ROTRONIC sensor, etc.


Timely provide quotation with technology manual once received your inquiry. However, you will never mind if you don’t have details for our reference, just simply notify us your requirements of laboratory oven, such as the purpose, items to be tested sizes, temperature range. Before long, you’ll possess an amazing lab oven design and technical support.

Additionally, Hoson Technology insists 12 months warranty and permanent technical supports for all of our laboratory oven.


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