June 28, 2016

Vacuum drying ovens electric

Portable Small Vacuum drying ovens electricDevice

small capacity vacuum oven
Product Description

Vacuum drying ovens electric  is used to dry, brake and preheat various materials or specimen. By means of hot air circulation methods to uniform the temperature distribution.



Main Features:


TheVacuum drying ovens electric equipment of high quality steel shell, the surface temperature spray.Studio-quality stainless steel mirror panels, interior with two shelves, height can be adjusted arbitrarily.Modeling beautiful novel.

The Vacuum drying ovens electric inside the points under the best uniformity of temperature upto ±1.5%°C ,with Japan, Germany and other places of comparable oven



The Main Technical Parameters of Vacuum drying ovens electric device:


Items Specification
Interior Size(W×D×H) 450×450×350mm
Dismension (W×D×H) 740×630×520mm
Accuracy ± 1%
Temperature Range 200°C~300°C
Motor 1/4 HP
Electrothermal Tube 4 KW
Material Inner pot stainless steel
Outer box Steel plate with spraying surface
Weight 135kg
Brine Temperature 35°C±1°C
Spray Quantity 1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr
Power AC 220V/19A




Characters of portable Vacuum drying ovens electric:


1. Made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, finished with electrostatic powder spraying; the coat is hard and firm, with strong rust resistance.

2. The studio for the high quality stainless steel plate, round shape, smooth, smooth, easy to clean.

3. Housing and studio, filling the superfine glass wool thermal insulation material, has good thermal insulation function, effectively guarantee the accuracy of the stability of the temperature in the cabinet and the use of the environment.

4. The door is for the double deck glass structure, the material heated in the oven can be observed clearly, and have good heat insulation effect. Can effectively avoid burns operator.

5. Studio and equipped with heat resistant rubber sealing ring between the glass door, to ensure to achieve high vacuum degree in the box.

6. The outer surface of the heater is installed on the inner wall of the workshop, and improve the uniformity of the temperature in the cabinet as much as possible, and to facilitate the room clean.

7. The temperature control by microcomputer intelligent digital technology manufacturing, with industrial PID self setting and function of four double LED Windows indication, the temperature control precision, strong anti-jamming ability, and the operation is very convenient.

vacuum drying ovens
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