Temperature Cycling Chamber

Temperature cycling Chamber is used in Screening tests and failure mode assessment of optoelectronic devices, interconnect circuits, components and electronic equipment. It is an effective method to found product design defects and process problems .Temperature change rate is generally less than 20℃/min, the product can be used to investigate product failures caused by thermo-mechanical properties to truly reproduce the application environments of the measured sample.When large parts of the material constituting the product of each thermal matching is poor, or internal component stress, the temperature cycle test can cause product failure resulting from mechanical deterioration of structural defects.
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rapid temperature change test chamber

Temperature Range: R.T+40~180℃; Humidity Range: 10%~95%RH; Interior volume: 580L, 800L.

Programmable Low Temperature Test Chamber (WGD Series)

Temp. Range:-70~+180℃; Internal space dimension(mm):800 × 500 × 500; Variable volume: 200L;