Environmental Protection Concept

Adhering to the corporate management principle, our company insists that all business activity will follow the concept of environmental protection, not only to achieve corporate profits but also to realize the goal of protecting the environment.

Environment Policy

1.Observing all the laws of protecting environment.
Our company has complied with the laws of protecting environment and all corporate regulations that enacted for the environmental protection.

2.Trying best to improve operation process for the purpose of reducing pollution of the environment.
Effective use of resources and energy, reducing waste, eliminating the waste and unreasonable phenomenon in the production process.

3.Pushing on business activities to achieve the purpose of reducing environment load.
Our company actively operates working procedure, from design, procurement, production to sales, logistics, usage, regeneration and waste to reduce the environmental load.

4.Developing various environmentally friendly products and systems.
Throughout the process of product’s development, our company is absorbed in the improvement of the environmental protection technology, and the development of environmentally friendly products and systems.

5.Enriching and carrying out of the environmental management system.
We set policies of protecting environment to achieve the effect of continuous improvement and prevention of pollution through regular assessment.

6.The notification and publicity of Environmental policies.
We promptly let all staff in our company understand the guidelines and policies related to the protection of environment, and carrying out the environmental literacy activities after the staff fully understand in policies, and we also will announce our environmental protection policies to outside world.