Programmable Low Temperature Test Chamber (WGD Series)

Temp. Range:-70~+180℃; Internal space dimension(mm):800 × 500 × 500; Variable volume: 200L;

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General Details
  • Programmable Low Temperature Test Chamber Widely used in cold tests and cryogenic storage of electrical products, materials, components and equipment in aerospace, aviation, information, electronics, instrumentation and other industries;
  • Dual-stage compressor, superb cooling capacity
    Highest temperature change ability like surface temperature change rate 20 ℃ / min, up to a predetermined maximum rate of temperature change test capability.
  • Evenly distributed temperature, perfect linear control;
  • Use air volume & wind speed automatic adjustment, high-speed processing temperature controllers, electronic expansion valves and other advanced technologies, curb the surface temperature difference of the sample product, achieve a linear control accuracy;
  • Feature sample surface temperature and air temperature modes  Use the sample surface temperature sensor enables temperature control sample test conditions to meet the JESD-A104-D test requirements, which demands a surface temperature change rate of 15 ℃ / min. Have an effective capacity of 200ℓ, covers an area of only 2 ㎡.
Techical Info
Programmable Low Temperature Test Chamber (WGD Series)
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