Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Temp. range: -60 ℃~+150 ℃ (+200 ℃) ; Low temperature range: -75 ℃~-10 ℃ ; Shock range: -40 ℃~80 ℃.

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General Details

Thermal Shock Test Chamber Application

This line of product mainly to sample three-box method standing temperature switching products, the rate of temperature change is greater than 30 ℃ / min, for the detection of failure caused by fatigue damage of components, parts and equipments.It has frost-free operation, automatic precise temperature control and good thermal uniformity of a standard thermal shock equipment, its performance meets MIL, IEC, GB, JIS, JEDEC and other international and enterprise testing standards, is the best means for stress screening test and environmental adaptation verification.


Thermal Shock Test Chamber Features

  • The best means for discovering early defects of the product;
  • Suitable for the implementation of US, Europe, Japan and South Korea automotive components business testing standards;
  • Good temperature uniformity, high test accuracy
    By adjusting wind deflector, air volume, wind speed and wind direction can be adjusted, it can ensure the smooth air circulation.Plus the sample surface temperature control optional features to ensure the sample temperature reaches the test time requirements;
  • Automatic load calculation, adjust system output reasonably
    The newly developed power-saving mode can do automatic calculation persistently on the shortest pre-warming and pre-cooling working hours of the device, therefore control the system output, significantly reducing power consumption;
  • Use Parallel refrigeration system configuration
    Control the optimal output mode through two small freezers bypass control technology, achieve exquisite output through electronic expansion valve when exposed in low temperature, further reduces energy cost;
  • Independent patented frost-free operation function (optional)
    Can guarantee 500 hours of frost-free operation in normal tests, if used within a 15 minutes exposure test, it guarantees 1,000 hours of frost-free operation;
  • Meet the requirements of humidity cycle test for rapid temperature conversion.


Execution and Meet the Standards

GB/T2423.22, IEC60068-2-14, JESD22-A106-B.


Thermal Shock Test Chamber Parameters

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

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