September 16, 2016

High Temperature And Humidity Chamber Function

This is a line of product that is widely used in electronic devices and electronic products. It is used in material energy, pharmaceutical as well as chemical, automotive as well as aerospace industries. It is used in constant alternating hot and humid and other tests that are required for a variety of industrial products and used for the development, production as well as testing procedures. The technology used allows for extremely high precision, besides network control. Also, data acquisition can be done via the relevant interfaces.
The temperature & humidity test chamber is widely used in the temperature variation tests. This includes cold resistance tests as well as storage with low-temperature. This is required in the fields of aerospace, aviation, besides electronics, instrument, electric products, and materials, parts as well as components and equipment. These are done to analyze as well as evaluate the property and the performance of samples under a number of simulated conditions.
The equipment is made of stainless steel plate plus power for hull painting. This gives it a good profile and fine corrosion resistance too. It makes use of closed-type compressor unit having a solid and durable structure that can enhance the life of the equipment. It has an energy-saving design that can save up to 30% electric power, 20% water, and makes use of HFC refrigerant that is safe for humans so that tests can be conducted safely.
It has a highly innovative control theory that allows integrating of three control systems of PLC, HMI and SOC in an effective way. This control is corrected by 100%, and it can be experienced easily. It makes use of most powerful as well as reliable PLC and special modules. The user can make use of 50 programs and 2500 steps to do setting/storage and run it. A protection module allows for safe voltage. It can withstand voltage up to 500V. After energizing the equipment, it will not get burnt.
It makes use of high-sense Fast AIT monitoring as well as refrigerating system to achieve effective control and management. There is an automatic safety protection switch having high sensitivity. This can detect any problems, cut off the supply and set off alarm in the shortest time possible to ensure safety of people as well as equipment.
It utilizes advanced USB storage device for storing data. This has large storage capacity and fast transmission rate too. Besides, it is portable and convenient.
This piece of equipment can separately raise temperature, reduce temperature, or humidify and even dehumidify. It makes use of the unique BTHC flat constant temperature as well as humidity regulating mode.
It makes use of the radio tele-monitoring system that can avoid the complex wiring and eliminate any kind of regional limit. It has a large temperature and humidity range which is 30~98%RH.
There is an effective air supply and circulating system. This can avoid any dead angle of air flow in the chamber hence improving the uniformity of product temperature as well as humidity.

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