Lab Ovens Application Industry


Simulating environmental conditions to meet the suitability test requirements of being stored, being transported, testing design defect and service life of electronic products in a constant high or low temperature and humidity environment.


The test chambers are widely used in info communication industry in the development, production, testing and other production procedures, for example, applying to cold test and low temperature storage.


To find products design defects, make conduct performance evaluation, etc, such as for automotive and motorcycle components. It could be used for drying, baking, heat treatment for electromechanical products, and cold test and low temperature storage as well.


Make conduct performance evaluation of transportation components with high accuracy. High or low temperature test and being stored, being transported, etc.


To meet suitability test requirements of being stored, being transported, defects to make performance evaluation. It can make drying, baking, heat treatment by high temperature ovens, as well as cold test and low temperature storage with low constant temperature/humidity chamber. Choosing the suitable test chamber is important.

Bio Pharmaceutical

Test the stability and determine effectiveness of the drugs by constant temperature, humidity and high-light exposure conditions.  Used in medicine, agriculture, and environmental protection departments for cell and bacterial culture as well as water quality BOD.


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