Electrode Drying Oven

Electrode Drying Oven Details

  • The electrode drying ovens are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, materials, energy, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries for high temperature test and heat treatment process. It can do aging, drying, baking, curing, bonding, degassing treatment to a variety of products, parts and materials to meet the suitability test requirements of being stored, being transported, service life and so on, in a high temperature and constant temperature environment.

Electrode Drying Oven Application

  • Suitable for testing and heat treatment of batteries, resin, paint and other inflammable and explosive materials.

Electrode Drying Oven Features

  • Be equipped with special pressure relief device;
  • Safe and reliable door lock can prevent automatic opening;
  • With strong technical support and product capacity, Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd. can balance the electrode drying oven price well.