June 18, 2016

thermal shock chambers nails

   product detailed introduction


2.Material:plastic and steel

3.Technique:Heat preservation nails is made by largely automatic injection-molding machine to produce

4.Feature:the sudden change in temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, heat-hardy; High-capacity,high pressure, good tensile properties; After loading is noteasy deformation cast reduce vibration, noise absorption and sound insulation characteristics. Installation is simple and can Hammering do not need special installation tools. Galvanized screws good solution corrosion, durability.and low heat transfer performance nylon material, no cold winter bridge, efficient energy.

5.Application:Heat preservation is widely used in construction and decoration,and  dedicated to be a anchor nail.

6.package:plastic film and carton

7.Specification:length:50mm-450mm;head diameter:8mm-20mm;shank diameter:2mm-5mm

Thermal shock chambers
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