June 18, 2016

thermal shock chambers motors

     Electrical safety intelligent Digital Horizontal Orientation 3 Zone Thermal Shock Tester (Air to Air)



Product Description


Thermal shock chamber is used to test the structure of the material or composite material. In an instant it should bear the degree, through a very high temperature and low temperature in a continuous environment, to test the changes of chemical or physical damage of the specimens caused by thermal expansion and contraction in a shortest time. we have different hot and cold chambers for you to choose. OEM service is available .



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Hot and cold impact test cases model specification
Model inner size (W*H*D mm) outside size (W*H*D mm) weight(kg)
Two zone
SM-42-2P-A 350*350*350 1450*1700*1480 Approx.730
SM-64-2P-A 400*400*400 1500*1750*1530 Approx.900
SM-80-2P-A 400*500*400 1500*1800*1530 Approx.1050
SM-100-2P-A 500*500*400 1600*1800*1530 Approx.1200
SM-150-2P-A 500*600*500 1600*1900*1630 Approx.1420
Three zone
SM-49-3P-A 350*400*350 1550*1800*1600 Approx. 860
SM-80-3P-A 400*500*400 1600*1900*1650 Approx. 1050
SM-100-3P-A 500*500*400 1650*1900*1650 Approx. 1050
SM-150-3P-A 500*600*500 1650*1980*1700 Approx. 1150
SM-200-3P-A 650*460*670 1700*1900*1800 Approx. 1400




Technical specification of cold and hot impact test chamber
Model SM-3P-A SM-2P-A
System Three-zone test by means of damper switching Three-zone test by means of damper switching
Thermal recovery considitions High temperature range +60℃ to +200℃ +60℃ to +200℃
Ambient temperature range +50℃ to +200℃ +50℃ to +200℃
Low temperature range –70℃ to 0℃ –70℃ to 0℃
Ambient temperature range –65℃ to 0℃ –65℃ to 0℃
Temperature. fluctuation ±0.5℃ (±0.9°F) ±0.5℃ (±0.9°F)
High temperature exposure:To +200°C within 15min 10min~ 15min
Normal temperature exposure 5min — 10min ~
Low temperature exposure:To-65℃ 15min -30min 30min
Temperature recovery time within 10 min within 5 min
Power supply AC380V3 ø 4W 50 Hz


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