June 18, 2016

thermal shock chambers motorcars

Thermal Shock Environmental Chambers

  1. is divided into three sections: the high temperature chamber, the low temperature chamber and the testing chamber.
  2. The color touch panel control system was made in Japan can display Chinese / English. The big size liquid-crystal LCD has been adopted.
  3. High formula memory capacity may be set to 120 patterns. The maximum cycle setting is 9999cycles. The maximum setting of each section is 999 Hrs 59 Mins.
  4. Provide with RS-232C communication interface device, capable of controlling / editing/ recording in the linkage with the computer and two set dynamic connection point and convenient application.
  5. Both 2 zone and 3 zone shocks can be chosen.
  6. All equipment is fully automatic, and all process are precisely controlled with P.L.C.’S.
  7. Of any part of the malfunctions, the machine will automatically shuts down and a warning light switches on.
  8. Machine can be shut down automatically in case of electrical power instabilities.


Thermal Shock Environmental Chambers

Model HD-50TSTThermal Shock Environmental Chambers
Interal Dimension: (W×H×D)40×36×35 cm
Structure: Two chambers design(the hot chamber or the cold chamber)
Damper device: Forced air drived damper
Interior material: SUS# Stainless steel plate
Exterior material: SUS# Stainless steel plate
Basket material: SUS# Stainless steel plate
Refrigeration: Cascade refrigeration system
Cooling method: Water
Ambient temperature: 0°~30°
Preheating temperature: above freezing 60.00°C~above freezing200.00°C
Precooling temperature: subzero 10.00°~ subzero 70.00°C
H.T. Shocking: above freezing 60.00°C~above freezing 150.00°C
L.T. Shocking: subzero 10.00°C~subzero 65.00°C
Temperature uniformity: ±2.00°C
Simulated load ic 5.0kg
HT IN-Zone subzero 65.00°C~above freezing 150.00°C/5min
LT IN-Zone above freezing 150.00°C subzero 65.00°C
Preheating time: 30MIN
Precooling time: 60MIN
Senor: T×4
Controller: OYO-8226
Setting range: Temperature:subzero 100.00°C~above freezing 200.00°C/TIME:OHIM~999H/CYCLE:0 ~9999
Resolution: Temperature:0.1°C
Output mode: PID and SSR(control method)
Power(K.W) AC380V 50HZ 18KW

Thermal shock chambers
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