June 18, 2016

Thermal shock chambers management

Chamber Management Tools

Web Manager

Web Manager Remote monitoring and operation

The Web Manager leapfrogs competitive remote access solutions by hosting the software remotely, at the chamber. Real-time remote monitoring and programming (resetting/start & stop control) make the environmental test easier and comfortable.
No local software to install, just a web browser and access to the LAN is required.

Available for single use and multiple use

Web Manager (STD) can be used for one chamber and Web Manager (Multi) is connectable with max. 8 ESPEC chambers through RS-485 interface.

Easy data logging & storage

Using Web Manager, Data logging of the chamber operation status, setting and transfer the measured data to user’s PC can be done very comfortable.

Email alert

The Web Manager will dispatch email to a remote terminal automatically, when trouble alarms are raised.

User password

View and edit access to the Web Manager is restricted by 3 access levels to avoid misuse troubles.

Compatible with several chambers

The Web Manager is compatible with ESPEC chamber models equipped with RS-485 interface, for example Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber (Platinous J Series), Bench-Top Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber, Constant Climate Cabinet, Walk-in Chamber, Temperature Chamber, High-performance Clean Oven, Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber etc.

Thermal shock chambers
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