laboratory drying ovens

Standard configuration of overheat prevention device. The dust free test chamber's temperature range is + 10 ~ 250 ℃ and temperature fluctuation will be no more than ± 0.5 ℃.

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General Details

Laboratory Drying Ovens Details

  • Clean-room dedicated high-temperature equipment.
  • Cleanliness class 100 clean heat treatment
  • HEPA filter with front wind horizontal parallel flow cycle to successfully ensure the uniformity of the temperature distribution within the box and class 100 cleanliness. Minimal control of wind speed and distance.
  • Programmable control
  • Each pattern contains 20 steps, up to 10 patterns available.The temperature rising and falling edge setting program repetitions at 1-999 times between settings.
    Easy-to-operate standard meter installed.
  • Standard configuration setting operation mode and automatically starts · automatic stop operation can be set to run.
  • Both the customized and standard laboratory drying ovens are available for us.
  • Standard configuration of overheat prevention device.
Technical information
Clean high temperature test chamber
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