Forced Air Circulation Drying Oven

Temperature range: RT+20 ~ +200 ℃; Internal volume: 226L or customized; Oxygen Concentration: 0.5%~21%.

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General Details

Forced Air Circulation Drying Oven Details

  • Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd provides thermal aging test chamber with the standard of ISO9001 and China GB19001.
  • Suitable for test and heat treatment of batteries, resin and paint and other flammable products;
  • Be equipped with special pressure relief device;
  • Safe and reliable door lock can prevent automatic opening;

Safety Protection Device

  • Unique over temperature protection.
  • Fan over temperature protection.
  • Open phase protection.
  • Earth leakage protection.
  • Heater short circuit protection.
  • Refrigerator overpressure protection.
  • Refrigerator overload protection.
  • Equipment ground protection.

Customized and Standard

  • Both customized and standard forced air circulation drying ovens are available for us.
Technical Information



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