China small lab ovens

With strong technical support and product capacity, Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd. can balance the electric motor drying ovens price well. Temperature range: RT +10~300 ℃; Temperature rising time: 70 mins.

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General Details

China Small Lab Ovens Details

  • The China small lab ovens are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, materials, energy, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries for high temperature test and heat treatment process. It can do aging, drying, baking, curing, bonding, degassing treatment to a variety of products, parts and materials to meet the suitability test requirements of being stored, being transported, service life and so on, in a high temperature and constant temperature environment.

China Small Lab Ovens Application

  • Suitable for testing and heat treatment of batteries, resin, paint and other inflammable and explosive materials.

China Small Lab Ovens Features

  • Be equipped with special explosion-proof pressure relief device;
  • Safe and reliable door lock can prevent automatic opening;
  • With strong technical support and product capacity, Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd. can balance the China small lab ovens price well.
Model                                                  DGF
302N 302BN 3004N 3004BN 3006N 3006BN
Temperature range R.T+10~300ºC
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5ºC
Temperature uniformity ±2.5%ºC
Maximum temperature arrival time 70min
Timing 0~999mins
Temperature sensor PT100 Platinum resistor
External material Anti-rust cold-roll steel sheet with electrostatic spraying.
Internal material SUS304 stainless steel plate.
Insulation materials Ultra-fine fiberglass
Heater Nickel Chrome electric heater
Door seal Eco-friendly silicone rubber
Internal space dimension 500×600×750 700×700×800 800×800×1000
Internal volume 225L 392L 640L
External dimension 670×1065×960 870×1165×1020 970×1265×1290
Power(KW)               3             4                6
Power supply AV  220V 50Hz
Standard configuration 2 PCS shelves
Remark Inside and outside dimensions labeled: Depth D × Width W × Height H
Technical Information
large capacity drying ovenDGF DGT-2


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